REMA Industries prides itself on having an extensive range of products which are manufactured under the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and various related Marks Scheme projects. All our products have an option of being custom-made on request.

Irrigation Seals

We have sealing solutions for most galvanised and PVC piping.

rema-irrigation-seals-001 rema-irrigation-seals-002rema-irrigation-seals-004 rema-irrigation-seals-003


We cater for first and second tier automotive manufactures.

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Poultry Processing

We manufacture an extensive range of deboning rubbers and chicken plucking fingers for use in all major defeathering machines.

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Impact Buffers

We manufacture various applications for railway, mining, and aerospace industries.

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Plumbing Seals

We offer over 250 different types of plumbing sealing application.

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Equine Products

We offer a very wide range of equine products.

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PVC Fitting Sealing Solutions

We are a major supplier to all major PVC fitting manufacturers.

rema-pvc-fitting-sealing-solution-001 rema-pvc-fitting-sealing-solution-002rema-pvc-fitting-sealing-solution-003 rema-pvc-fitting-sealing-solution-004

Pressure Seals

We manufacture Pressure Seals for PVC piping.

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Grommets and Ferrels

We manufacture a massive range of grommets and ferrels.



We manufacture an extensive range of footwear products.